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Senior Portrait Sessions

"Capturing One Smile At A Time."

Your child's Senior year may be the most important of their educational career.
Allow their personalities and passions to shine through, with professional portraits tailored to your student's desire.

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Session Types

Senior Portraits

Formal and Close Up
Professional portraits focus attention onto the subject's face. Choosing the correct clothing is an important key in achieving the best portrait. Your clothing should should not discract from your face. Keep it simple in color and style. Avoid pastel colors and white, these colors tend to washed out the colors of the face. Often causing it to appear pale. Darker colors help draw attention to the subject's face. If possible, long sleeves and no shorts should be worn to keep the focus on the face. Spaghetti straps and tops that show bare arms and shoulders tend to create a heavier look and draw attention away from the face.

A larger variety of clothing styles and colors are allowed in this session. Majority of portraits taken will be a full body pose. Please be sure to complete your look with accessories that compliment your outfit(s). Clothing should represent the student's unique style and personality. Whites and bright colors create a soft, almost warm, look. Dark colors create a more dramatic look. Your outfit(s) should be comfortable represent you. Although jeans and shorts are the "go to" choice, don't be afraid to include your favorite dress, jacket, and/or hobby.

Bring your favorite props. Sports equipment, uniforms (sports, band, cheerleading, etc.), Musical instrument, friends, family, and pets are all wonderful props. Remember to check all of your apperiance. Facial hair, manicures, and accessories such as jerseys, necklaces, belts, earrings, ties, shoes, and class rings. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and be creative. NOTE: You are responsible for your items and pets.

What represents you in an outdoor environment? Whatever it may be, bring it. Keep clothing simple in style and color. Be sure to bring any sports equipment or outdoor equipment that show your hobbies and interests (automobiles, scateboards, etc. are photographed when outdoor sessions are offered). Note: Vehicles are only permissible if property owner allows. Because weather can be very unpredictable, please come prepared. Photo sessions can run long at times. Be sure you have a way to keep warm, to cool down, or to dry off if it rains. Outdoor sessions may not always provide a restroom for changing outfits. You may need to change in your vehicle or at a nearby store.

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