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How to Prepare Picture Day

What if my child wears glasses?

Wearing glasses is a decision that you must make for your child. ASV is equipped to photograph your child regardless of their lens. We will make adjustments to prevent reflections. Please ensure that child is aware of your preference for their portrait.

Picture Day Clothing

Solid colors are always best because they do not take away from your child’s personality. Subdued colors that compliment your child’s complexion make for an awesome portrait. Please remain in contact with your child’s school with questions regarding uniforms and other dress code policies.

Will you comb my child’s hair?

This decision is made on a case by case basis. IF your child’s hair needs attention we will request the assistance of school administration to resolve things. We do understand that there are a variety of hair styles worn by children today.

Can I pay for my child’s portraits ahead of time?

If this option is available for your child’s school, please use the school code from your child’s picture day envelope and submit your payment through our Order Online page.

Can I reorder portraits of my child?

If you wish to reorder your child’s portrait, click on the Order Online page and complete the necessary portions of the form. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

Before Picture Day

When is Picture Day?

Your school will distribute Picture Order Envelopes and/or Reminder Notices about a week or two before picture day. Additionally, promotional posters with your picture day date will be on display around your school.  Many schools will also publicize Picture Day in school newsletters, school calendars and during morning announcements.

What if my child was absent on picture day?

Most schools offer a Make-Up Picture Day.  Check with your school office and ask for the date.

What backgrounds will be used?

Depending on the agreement with your school, Fall portraits are made using a single solid color background for all students to maintain a common appearance in the yearbook.  Again, depending on the agreement with your school, Spring portraits will be made using a themed portrait set.

What poses are available?

For schools that produce a yearbook, Fall student portrait images are used in the production of the yearbook.  Fall portraits are offered with a head and shoulders pose while Spring portraits are typically made available with different pose options.

After Picture Day

Can I place an order after picture day?

Yes.  Late orders and reorders are accepted online at

Can I order pictures if I am a non-custodial relative or friend of the family?

All picture orders require proper authorization.  Only valid orders originating from the school office or online via are accepted.  No exceptions.

What if I don’t like my pictures?

Our portraits are offered with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Complimentary retakes are available on second chance day.  Contact our office for your date.

What if my question is not answered here?

Contact our office by submitting an online request or give us a call